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posted 8 Jan 2012, 15:45 by Jennifer Dunn   [ updated 3 Mar 2012, 11:30 ]

Have just recreated this "news" page,  using a template that allows you to sign up for updates.  All old "news" items are posted as one big lump below!  Please "subscribe" if you would like to keep up to date with our news!  


Special new year offer: Join our mailing list before 10th Jan for the chance to win 12 yummy cupcakes! (collection only) PLUS receive a 20% discount code for orders collected by 10th Feb 2012! Simply with the subject "mailing list". Good luck!

Happy  new year!   We made some lovely christmas treats in December,see pictures here:

I was recently interviewed by the local paper for Vegan month, as part of an initiative by Animal Aid to get vegans talking to the media.


We will unfortunately not be returning to supply cakes to the CO1 cafe.   This was the decision of the cafe who have decided that going forward they would prefer to only sell their own (non-vegan) cakes.  I'd like to thank everyone that bought cakes from the CO1 cafe whilst I supplied was good whilst it lasted! I'm the process of looking for a new location, so watch this space!


Last Saturday (03/09/11) was the last saturday of cupcakes at the CO1 cafe for a while, (as I am getting married!)  I should be back in October, keep an eye on my facebook page to see any announcements. :D


Just a note to say that I will be closed for new orders between 8th September and 8th October...this is because of my upcoming wedding!  (and yes, I will be making my own cake!)


I had an email today from a lady asking for tips and advice on becoming vegan.  I've probably missed out lots of things, but here is what I would advise anyone trying to make the change to veganism...

 * Arm yourself with some good cookbooks!  A good all round book to start you off is "How it all vegan" by Sarah Kramer.

 There are lots of vegan cook books on Amazon, so have a look and read the reviews :)

 *There are also lots of excellent recipe sites and blogs with tips and recipes!  I recommend "vegweb" has thousands of recipes! A good blog to check out is "mouthwatering vegan".

 *If there are certain non-vegan meals that you like making then try looking online for the vegan equivalent (eg spag bol, curry, pizza...they can all be veganised!)

 *"The animal Free shopper" is a fantastic book for new vegans, it's pocket sized and lists vegan foods and products, and also ingredients to watch out for when you're shopping.  It really helped me when I became vegan.

 *Make sure you research about vitamins, minerals and your health!  Everyone is likely to tell you that you're going to shrivel up and die on a vegan diet! WRONG! Arm yourself with facts to put them straight!  Importantly make sure you get a good supply of B12!  (read up on it, it's the only vitamin that's not naturally in a vegan diet and it's REALLY important to take it as a supplement.  This is the multivitamin I take

By looking after your health you set a good example to other people, and you'll prove that vegans are just as healthy  as anyone else!(if not healthier! Look up Fiona Oaks, the vegan marathon runner, she's amazing!)

 *The vegan society is your friend!  If you haven't already done so then join their facebook page, ask questions and start discussions!  There will always be encouraging vegans to help you with any queries you have.

 The vegan society also run a "vegan pledge scheme" where you are assigned a mentor to help you with your  journey to veganism! 

* Lastly, don't beat yourself up if you fall off of the band wagon now and then to begin with!  Just remember your reasons for wanting to be vegan (whether it be animal abuse or for your health).  It might take a little while, but put any mistakes behind you, look forward and  you'll get there in the end!

 I hope this will be of help to some people.  I'm happy to try and answer any questions that anyone may have about the vegan lifestyle, so feel free to email me at





An exciting development for p.s it’s vegan!

CO1 cafe (in the newly refurbished Trinity church) will soon be selling my cupcakes on Saturdays!   So you will be able to pop into Colchester, do some shopping and then stop for a vegan cupcake and cup of tea!

-Trinity church is Colchester’s oldest building-over 1000 years old! (older than Colchester castle!) and has only recently opened as a cafe, to raise funds for youth groups.   I took in some cupcake  samples, and apparently their customers were very impressed-and surprised too since they expected vegan cakes to be dry and bland!

The organisers behind the cafe seem very positive about selling vegan food.  They already have soya milk for teas/coffees, and were asking about suggestions for vegan lunches they could also offer.

I think this could be a great opportunity to get some interesting vegan food on the menu!

If you go into the cafe please let them know you are vegan and suggest ideas of what food you would like them to sell.  (I’m already thinking of tasty falafel and hummus wraps!), or contact them via email.

The CO1 cafe is open 9am-4pm Monday-Saturday.  You visit their little website here:


Have just posted details on our facebook page of a cupcake give-away competition! It's "guess the weight of the cake" and closes at 9pm on 27th April.  So head over to facebook now, for your chance to win 6 scrummy cupcakes!---------------->'s vegan! Facebook

Thought I would start a little blog to keep up to date with all the goings on of "'s vegan!"
Easter weekend we were kindly welcomed into the Colchester branch of Lush, to hold a vegan bake sale for Animal Aid!
This was part of the world wide vegan bake sale campaign.
Lots of people came in to sample our tasty vegan wares, which included cupcakes, (chocolate, lemon and cherry bakewell, amongst others) chocolate chip cookies, and a new addition to our range-cake pops! (which are made from tasty cake crumbs, mixed with butter cream and coated in melted chocolate!)
Saw lots of familiar faces from our days at the Hidden Kiosk Project, as well as a few newcomers too!  
I'm pleased to announce that the bake sale raised an impressive £157!!
Special thanks to the North Essex vegan group, for kindly donating money towards paying for the ingredients.
Also to all the lovely staff at Lush for being so welcoming (and for buying their fair share of cakes...!), and of course huge thanks to everyone that made the effort to stop by and help raise money for a great cause.

(The Hidden Kiosk team were pleased to hear about my latest development, and wrote a nice nice about the bake sale on their website)

World wide vegan bake sale stall in Lush Colchester