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“ p.s…it’s vegan!”  was born out of a love of cake!

The idea was simple; to perfect the art of vegan baking and to make cupcakes tasty enough to rival any dairy and egg laden equivalent. The result is a range of cupcakes that will tantalise the most discerning of taste buds, (and most importantly can be enjoyed by those wishing to avoid dairy and eggs)..

"Ps..it's vegan!" was founded in 2010 by Jennifer Dunn, and is based in Colchester, Essex (UK) .  Jennifer and her business have been featured on many websites, as well as national magazines and local newspapers. 

In 2015 Jennifer and her husband Rob opened Colchester's first vegan cafe "The Den at Twentythree" which specialises in burgers, toasties, and of course cake! 

Jen says:

"I've always enjoyed making cakes ever since I used to bake with my mum as a child.   When I made the decision to become vegan (in 2003) perfecting the art of vegan baking was of great importance to me! I love baking, and it's great being able to prove that vegan cakes are just as tasty as "normal" cakes!  It's also really nice being able to provide cakes for people who would otherwise have to go without.  I try to make my cakes as inventive and interesting as possible, in the hope
that it might banish some myths that vegan food is bland and boring!"

                                                              Jen with elite vegan marathon runner Fiona Oakes

Interview in "Vegetarian Living" Magazine

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