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Featured reviews:

December 2013, Alan and Janet, 100 Wedding Cupcakes

"Thank you so much for sharing your skill, and expending your time, making such beautiful cupcakes for our wedding.

  The cakes were glorious and so light, and the decorations were stunning. Thank you. 

All of the cakes went, and we were not surprised at all.  The guests who stayed the night at the hotel were asking for more the next morning, too. 
 With such a fantastic "product" you deserve to be a very successful business woman." 

April 2011, Karin Ridgers, Director of VeggieVision TV. ( cupcake order and birthday cake

"Thanks again for your hard work and super cakes Jen.To say that everyone was impressed is an understatement - and we didn't even shout that they were vegan!There was enough for all the adults and all the kids, then enough for all of my family - We are kind of caked out now!!!  Amazingly they all still taste fab even these few days later. The cakes were all so moist and fluffy - just the best vegan cakes we have had - well the best cakes full stop!!!"


October 2014, Sian, box of 12 Wedding cupcakes, for vegan guests

"The cakes were truly amazing - everyone loved them. Nothing but positive feedback. In all honesty I wish that I'd had them as my wedding cake. You will certainly be getting more orders for birthdays, etc."

September 2014, Nicky, novelty frosted cake

"Thanks Jen, the cake was amazing! I have to admit to making the portions smaller to ensure there was plenty left for us! (and I don't usually eat cake - probably because of my lactose intolerance). Oscar has eaten the whole cake (for a change, instead of leaving the buttercream!) We all love it. My husband couldn't believe how light the sponge is, and it is the most delicious that we've ever tasted! So glad we went for chocolate too. Well done and thank you."

August 14, John, visitor to the Minories Garden Cafe

"Best vegan cupcake EVER...Myself and my daughter both agreed we couldn't remember a better cake. And we've had a few!"

May 2014, Laura, frosted layer cake with rose swirl design

"Mum cried when we brought out the cake (with happiness!) She hasn't been able to eat proper cake for so long so it was a big deal!
Was lovely, really tasty and she absolutely loved it - we will be paying you more visits on other occasions!"


May 2014, Laura, Personalised cupcakes

"The cakes were just amazing both vegans and non vegans found them delicious. 
The decoration was fab and colourful, the buttercream so smooth and sponges delicious and light. Thank you again so so much!"

April 2014, Matthew, Deluxe Chocolate cake

"Danny absolutely loves the cake! He has eaten almost half of it all by himself and I have had some its delicious you wouldn't even know its a vegan cake! There is no doubt we will have some more cakes from you in the very near future!"


September 2013, Rick, Betty Boop cake

"Absolutely gorgeous, we have been singing your praises all week!! I even got top marks for the Happy Birthday Bubbles!! We will be back for more without a doubt!"


August 2013

Danielle, 3 rose swirl wedding cakes

"Just wanted to say a huge thank you for our wedding cakes. They were stunning (I will forward pics when I get them) and they taste amazing. I almost want another wedding just to get more cake!"


Amy, Peppa pig cake, with cupcakes and whoopie pies

"So so pleased with the cake Jen it was beautiful!! Thank you so much for all the effort you put into it! Everyone was so impressed, and there was literally none left by the end!!
I also had a lot of people ask me about you, so hope you get some more custom through it :)
  Thanks again, you are a STAR!"


Dawn, chocolate and peanut butter cake

"Your cake was truly amazing! Everyone loved it, thank you so very much!"


July 2013, Jo, Mixed cupcake order

"Hi Jen, they were absolutely delicious!! I really think they are the best cakes I have tasted :) 
My fave (although all could be) was Double Choc, Mint & Oreo!! Yum!!
Even my meat eater boyfriend thought the Oreo was one of the best cupcakes he ever had!! :) 
I wished you live nearer but then, that would prob be dangerous for me as I would end up looking like a cupcake!!
They were lovely!!"


June 2013, Charlotte, 6" Chocolate ganache cake with handmade truffles

"The chocolate truffle cake was hands down simply amazing thank you.  It looked and smelt mouthwatering. The sponge was moist, light and rich. The truffles now have a little place in my heart (since becoming lactose intolerant i never thought I would taste anything like that again). The whole family and most importantly Dad loved it! So thank you so very much. Kindest regards Charlotte and the Knappett/Henley/Gethen family"


May 2013, Emma, 10" Frosted  Lemon Cake

 "I've given 11 different people (12 including myself at last count) a slice of that cake and all of them have stated it's the BEST cake they've ever eaten! Then when I explain who made it and how it's vegan they flip and are mega shocked which apparently makes it taste all the better?! Even the waitress' at the restaurant where my cake was delivered to me (singing and all worst luck) said how amazing it smelt and looked - we did offer them a teeny slither too to which they enjoyed no end! I've also recommended you to everyone that'll listen! Deffo coming back! Was a lovely surprise! Thank you!"


November 2012, Fiona, 10" Deluxe Chocolate Ganache cake

"...the cake was delicious and was a huge hit. It's a good talking point as the general conversation was 'I wonder what she makes it with'. Thank you. I'll be checking out your Christmas offerings!"


October 2012 ,  Rachel, 8” Chocolate butter cream layer cake

"Just wanted to say a big thank you for a fantastic birthday cake for Hannah !! I picked it up from my parents yesterday and I couldn't believe how fantastic it was - just perfect ! Hannah had the cake  last night and she said it was her best birthday cake ever - I have tried over the last 9 years !!!!Everyone who had a slice said how delicious it was - Hannah has just had another slice for breakfast - well, it is her birthday !I have no doubt I will be in touch in the near future with another cake order."


October 2012, Jane, 8” Chocolate butter cream layer cake

“The cake was fantastic, it looked good and tasted good.  Everybody enjoyed eating it.  I would recommend you without any hesitation."


 October 2012, Ryan10” deluxe chocolate cake

"The cake was amazing, Nelly loved it! Thanks so much! I'll definitely be ordering more in the future."


Alison8” chocolate butter cream layer cake 

"It was really nice to meet you. The cake looks wonderful, almost too good to eat - almost!

Now that I have found you, I will be back for more!"


David, 6” chocolate cake with peanut buttercream, and raspberry chocolate ganace cupcakes 

"The cake has been amazing! Still got over half of it left to get through but it went down a smash hit.

 The cupcakes as well are super tasty!


Thanks again, will be ordering again in the future for sure."


July 2012, Diana, box of summer cupcakes

"Hi Jen, Just wanted to say the Cup Cakes went down REALLY WELL yesterday Everyone LOVED them and said they were the tastiest cup cakes they've ever had! Couldn't believe they were Vegan! So hopefully a few more will think of you when they want sweet treats! I shall for Birthdays etc :) "


June 2012, John, novelty cake (stacked books) 

"Hi Jen, The cake was a huge success! Steph was delighted and it's almost gone already. Everyone said they loved it.  I don't think anyone would have guessed it was vegan if we hadn't told them! So thanks again for your help making a special day even more so!"



Buttercream layer cake

"You delivered my birthday cake on Saturday. I just want to say that it is the best vegan cake I have ever had and will definitely be buying more from you to fill my ever expanding stomach and hips! Wonderful! Even my non-vegan boyfriend said it was the best cake he had ever had! Thumbs up from the non-vegan!"


March 2012, Philip and Maria

Chocolate orange ganache and Apricot almond Cupcakes

"Just a quick note to say thanks the cakes were fantastic! We all thoroughly enjoyed them and we'll be glad to make another order when another occasion arises.
Good luck with your business - we'll certainly be happy to recommend you.."


March 2012, Sujayini 

Vanilla, chocolate and cappuccino cupcakes

"...Feedback so far on the cakes, that people don't want to eat them because they are so beautiful, and that they are deliciously moist and you can't tell they are vegan - so all good!

Yummy! Thanks again."


February  2012, Felicity,  Butter cream celebration cake

"the cake is very yummy and was totally beautiful before the family dug in lol. Totally worth every penny...everyone said how beautiful the cake was and some of my family (non of them are veggie let alone vegan) said it was better than a cake with dairy etc. Everyone had a piece and ate it all, none was wasted and there is only 1/4 of the cake left. Thank you Jen it was super lovely". 

January  2012, Karin Large cupcake order

"Thanks Ps its vegan for making my birthday rather delicious!!! The cakes are as always amazing and we feel the BEST IN THE WORLD!!! The peanut butter cupcakes are so tasty-hubby loves the s'mores too-Everyone was so impressed and even better they are still fresh after a few days! REALLY amazing cakes and will continue to order! Thanks!"


September  2011

Part of a lovely email from, Kim

"Just wanted to let you know i brought 8 of your cakes on Saturday from CO1 Cafe in Colchester. They are so delicious, there is only one left now...I decided to make a special journey to Colchester, which is only up the road to me to buy some of your cakes. I now know who to contact if i want a special cake made or where to go for your tasty cupcakes and treats...
I really think people need to be educated when it comes to vegan food and how good it is. You are one of the people who are helping to show that you really don't need to cook with dairy or eggs to produce good tasty cakes and treats."


August 2011, 
Wedding Rose swirl sponge

"Your cake was beautiful Jen everyone loved it and it has been completely devoured! The in laws popped by today and finished it off xx"


July 2011, Velvet,
Mini cupcakes
"Hi Jen, the cakes were amazing, my sister loves them, they looked and tasted fantastic. We will definitely be purchasing more. Thank you so much :-)"

August 2011, Karin 

"Thanks Jen
, LOVED the cakes as always. Everyone loved the cake last night at the little party. Key Lime Cheese cake was really tasty too. .. We haven't had cakes like that for more than 15 years Jen. It is SO brilliant to know you!!! :O) Thank you for all of your hard work. Look forward to more!!! :O)


July 2011

Kathleen, mini cupcakes

"First tried the chocolate cakes at a party today and am amazed at how moist they are!!! Definitely the best egg free cakes I have ever tried!!!!!!" 


 July 2011

Nicole, Sugar paste celebration cake

"Hi Jen,
Your cake was an absolute triumph, Aoife and all the guests loved it. Will certainly recommend your cakes to all my friends and will certainly use your excellent baking skills again. Thanks for helping to make Aoife's Birthday a very special occasion."


December  2010

Peanut butter cake

"I ordered a 6" birthday cake for my wife and some cupcakes. I asked for a peanut butter and chocolate kind, and she had not made these before. She was kind enough to accommodate the new flavor request, and she did so very well. The cakes were delicious, and looked very nice too! I highly recommend them :) Fantastic cakes!"

(Thanks for being my first customer Chuy!)