Why vegan cakes?

When cakes can be made this good without using eggs or milk we ask, why not?

People choose vegan food for many reasons.  For us it's about producing delicious cakes without contributing to unnecessary animal suffering. (caused by the egg and dairy industries).  For others it may be religious reasons, or that they have an intolerance to eggs or dairy (See our FAQ for clarification on intolerance's)  Or it may simply be because vegan food (especially cakes!) is delicious!

So, what is in vegan cakes?

Ingredients vary from cake to cake.   Ingredients used may include:

Wheat flour
Plant milks such as soya or almond
Plant oils such as rapeseed oil
Cane sugar
Cocoa powder
Pure extracts including vanilla, almond and lemon

None of our cakes are made using:

Eggs (what's wrong with using eggs?)

Animal Milk or Dairy Butter (why no dairy?

Honey (what is wrong with honey?)

For more information on veganism why not visit the Vegan Society website or the GoVegan website?


Our Mission statement

To provide cakes that are suitable for everyone (including vegans who are unable to buy cakes elsewhere)

To provide a personal friendly service making made-to-measure cakes.

To make delicious cakes that appeal to non-vegans as well as vegans, to prove that eggs and milk are not essential ingredients.

 To provide cakes at a reasonable price, whilst still ensuring we make a profit!

                                                                   To never make money out of cruelty and and suffering